Joel M. Stern

Joel M. Stern is the creator and developer of Economic Value Added (EVA), Chairman and CEO of Stern Stewart & Co. He is well-known for his experience in financial economics, corporate performance measurement, corporate valuation and incentive compensation. Stern graduated in Finance and Economics and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and an honorary doctorate in business from Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Last update: 18/10/2011

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Honorary Doctoral Degree Awarded at November 2012 Commencement

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Discurso de Joel M. Stern durante el Acto en Honor de los Graduandos Distinguidos (Noviembre 2012)

Joel M. Stern’s Speech during the Ceremony for Honor Graduates (November 2012)

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Relationship between the “Efficient Market Theory”, Performance, Incentives and Economic Value Added (EVA)


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