John Stossel

John Stossel is a consumer reporter, investigative journalist, and former coanchor of the ABC News show 20/20. He began his journalism career as a researcher for KGW-TV in Portland and later worked as a consumer editor for ABC News and reporter on Good Morning America. Stossel has received 19 Emmy Awards and other honors for consumer reporting. His work on 20/20 played a critical role in spreading libertarian ideas. His 20/20 series “Give me a Break” was a skeptical look at subjects ranging from government regulation to censorship. His books, Give Me a Break and Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity, have been well-received by some and criticized by others. Stossel graduated from Princeton University with a BA in psychology and was awarded an honorary doctorate from Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Last update: 20/05/2010

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