Open Borders and State Control

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Fergus Hodgson
2 de agosto de 2013 | Universidad Francisco Marroquín | Duración:..
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  • Initial credits
  • Introduction by Luis Figueroa
  • Citizenship as a form of discrimination
  • Importance of disclosing information
  • Final words
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About this video
About the author

Luis Figueroa and researcher Fergus Hodgson discuss the future of open borders, free trade and immigration in a growing era of central planning and the raising of enormous and sophisticated government apparatus. This topic refers to the idea of allowing people to freely migrate, which is the opposite of every country's current situation. Hodgson analyzes the cost of the existing massive bureaucracy and elaborates on how harmful it has become to the free flow of people. Finally, he comments on how government control and arbitrary immigration laws represent an obstacle to the natural right of freedom of movement, which in his opinion, should be celebrated rather than mitigated.


Open Borders and State Control
Fergus Hodgson

Business School Building, EN-504
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, August 2013

A New Media-UFM production. Guatemala, August 2013
Camera: Diego Chajón, José Galindo; digital editing: Michelle Maldonado; index and synopsis: Diana Pishquí; content reviser: Sofía Díaz Castañeda; publication: Diana Pishquí, Michelle Maldonado

Imagen: cc.jpgThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 License
Este trabajo ha sido registrado con una licencia Creative Commons 3.0

Fergus Hodgson

Fergus Hodgson
Fergus Hodgson is researcher and policy advisor. He is host of The Stateless Man with the Overseas Radio Network and The Liberty Express. He is also a policy advisor with the Future of Freedom Foundation. Previously, he was director of fiscal policy studies with the John Locke Foundation, a visiting scholar with the American Institute for Economic Research, a research associate with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Canada, and a reporter and editor with the Pelican Institute. Hodgson holds a BA in Economics from Boston University, United States and a graduate diploma in Political Sciences from the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

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