MIT GSW 2015: 10x Mindset – Going Global

25 de marzo de 2015    |  

Speakers in this panel discuss the challenges of business expansion and aspects involved in taking a startup to the global market. Alex Pouilas, CEO of Televida Group, believes seeking growth in mature markets requires either innovation or expansion, and both are incredibly ambitious. Marko Hrelja, founder of 10xCrowds, affirms that thinking in terms of scale is crucial to successful entrepreneurship, all it takes is a determinate mindset. Richard Ambrose, co-founder of Pomona Impact, has learned that growing involves both choosing a correct business model, and also familiarizing with the unique cultural barriers of each location.

Hugo Díaz leads the panelists in discovering the process and business type needed to go global, the obstacles that will come up, and the great transformation the entrepreneurs and their collaborators will inevitably experience.


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