MIT GSW 2015: First 30 Days beyond the Idea

25 de marzo de 2015    |  

What are the challenges that any business encounters in its first 30 days? Which key elements help you move forward? In this panel, Chris Howard is accompanied by Juan Fermín Rodríguez - co-founder of Quetsol and Kingo - , Andreas Mjelde - founder of Linio -, and Arthur Chait - President of Antigua Forum and world-renowned entrepreneur. Together they discuss the obstacles and tests any startup must survive when it begins.

They all agree that: finding the right partner (or team) is essential, launching your product quickly is important, and testing the market for timing is better than waiting around for things to happen. According to them, believing in yourself through every obstacle is crucial to surviving the very first days. In the beginning, “you are the product, you are the service you are selling”. If you are passionate enough, you will be able to carry it through. Be ready to pivot, but never stop believing in yourself. The entrepreneurs share these and other secrets to succeeding in taking your project forward.


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