MIT GSW 2015: Innovative Financing

25 de marzo de 2015    |  

In this panel, Juan de Dios Aguilar, Ketan Makwana and Mark Skousen share their knowledge and experiences in innovative financing. Aguilar, founder and president of Invercorp International, delivers key concepts in financing and investor selection for entrepreneurs. He then meditates about lessons learned from personal experiences in failure or success. Makwana speaks about crowdfunding as the future of innovative funding, and as the method that is in line with the pragmatism the market requires. He shares tips to making the best out of launching a campaign. Mark Skousen, renowned investment analyst, gives recommendations for success in self financing, through the use of the apprentice method and frugality at all costs. He describes the paramount importance of the JOBS act, the revolutionary act that will forever change the world of finance from now on. Finally, Helmuth Chavez leads the group in answering key questions on the current challenges of financing for entrepreneurs.


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Universidad Francisco Marroquín