MIT GSW 2015: Social Entrepreneurship

27 de marzo de 2015    |  

What is a social entrepreneur? In this discussion, five panelists define what it means to engage in the challenge of business with social impact. Social entrepreneurs seek to find financially sustainable ways to address problems that pertain to certain or all sectors of society. The challenges consist of maximizing not only profit, but also benefit to the population titers involved. This requires an elaborate set of goals, strategies and monitoring of indicators that are different to those of any other enterprise. Excellent management skills and revenue-oriented thinking are key to sustaining both profit and relevant impact. Establishing a collaborative relationship with philanthropists and maintaining an attitude of persistent innovation is essential. In the end, this field attracts the best type of problems, the best type of people, and the greatest rewards. Andrés Botrán leads María Pacheco, Philip Wilson, Noam Angrist and Carter Powers in an enticing reflection on the entrepreneurial science of serving underserved needs.


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Universidad Francisco Marroquín