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Initial credits
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What would be the effect of having a crowd-based referee system in scientific research?
A peer-review process
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What do you think about intellectual property in science research and innovation?
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Who are your heroes? What inspires you?
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Do you consider yourself extraordinary? Do you think extraordinary people must receive a different kind of education?
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Final words
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Final credits




Review and Publication of Scientific Research

02 de octubre de 2013   | Vistas: 3 |   Innovation Research Science Thiel Fellowship

Riley Drake talks about the review process in scientific research (a peer-review system), and how investigators with similar capabilities review other researchers' work. She comments on the importance for scientists to have the right credentials to evaluate the published information in order to ensure that it is legitimate. Drake also shares her opinion on the pros and cons of intellectual property (IP) and innovation, as it is a driving force for scientific research.

As well, Drake shares how her inspiration for studying biology and physics began, and also her experiences doing science and her goal to achieve a greater good: the knowledge or the end of a disease. Finally, she states that people with different abilities and backgrounds should not be academically separated from those considered less extraordinary, as in mixing them together mutual inspiration and the achievement of each one’s potential may be accomplished.


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