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Initial credits
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Five important issues
01:16    |    
Global housing demand
02:30    |    
Supply and demand of fossil fuel
03:32    |    
Climate change
Example of India
04:06    |    
Public health
Processed food 
05:09    |    
Medical care 
Preventive health
05:45    |    
Housing and demand
Modern and traditional structures
Ideal arquitecture 
08:03    |    
Energy and efficiency
09:31    |    
Lifestyle changes
Constitution of cities
11:45    |    
Final credits




The Art of Making Places (Part I)

18 de octubre de 2010   | Vistas: 13 |  

Dhiru Thadani discusses several issues arisen in architecture and planning, that people around the world are currently facing. Thadani talks about how these growing concerns are being influenced by the constant progress of an overpopulated society. Overpopulation in the world has raised several questions for architects and planners that can be dealt through the discovery of sustainable methods to live by.  Finally, Thadani discusses new and important factors that architects must take into consideration nowadays when building for present generations and the ones to come.

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Dhiru A. Thadani is a consultant, architect, urbanist and educator; he has worked on projects in Asia, Europe, North and…


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