Ahmedur Chowdhury

Journalist and secular publisher

Is a journalist and secular publisher from Bangladesh, known as Tutul. Ahmedur believes that literature plays an essential role in promoting democratic values and tolerance. With increased access to the internet, secular thinkers in Bangladesh have found a place where they can express their views more openly. However, this has also emboldened extremist forces across the country. In 2015, Tutul was victim to the many attacks perpetrated by Islamic extremists. After surviving these attacks Tutul was named winner of the International Writer of Courage award by Margaret Atwood, on 13 October. He now lives in exile in Norway, but he refuses to be silent. Ahmedur continues to fight for freedom of expression and invites us to do the same.

Más vídeos de Ahmedur Chowdhury

Ahmedeur Chowdhury: Protecting Human Rights with Education and Technology
Ahmedur Chowdhury

21 de abril de 2020

College Freedom Forum 2020
Roya Mahboob, Vanessa Tsehaye, Ahmedur Chowdhury, Rodrigo Diamanti, Felix Maradiaga, Gabriel Calzada, Javier El-Hage

21 de abril de 2020

Ahmedur Chowdhury: The Universal Fight for Freedom
Ahmedur Chowdhury

29 de marzo de 2020

Lo más destacado del College Freedom Forum 2020
Gabriel Calzada, Javier El-Hage, Felix Maradiaga, Rodrigo Diamanti, Yoani Sánchez, Ahmedur Chowdhury, Roya Mahboob, Vanessa Tsehaye

24 de marzo de 2020


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