Albert Loan

Master of Education and economist

Albert did his undergraduate and graduate work in Economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and also received a Masters of Education from Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Since 1995 he has been employing Socratic Practice and a host of discovery learning and collaborative methodologies in his teaching. His interest in both economics and pedagogy led him to the study of organizational culture and alternative forms of corporate governance, and in 2016 he established Polycentric Learning Group, which helps businesses, schools, and organizations cultivate their own learning culture. 

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Albert Loan

03 de septiembre de 2019

Michael Polanyi College
Carla de Hess, Albert Loan, Ingrid Simon

28 de agosto de 2012

Ethics and the Socratic Dialogue
Albert Loan

13 de agosto de 2007


Nuestra misión es la enseñanza y difusión de los principios éticos, jurídicos y económicos de una sociedad de personas libres y responsables.

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