Dominique Touchaud


He is a specialist in Strategic and Creative Marketing who has honed his skills in Europe and Latin America where he led significant whitespace market launches. Touchaud has been known for thriving in a multicultural environment and organizing high-performing teams around the world. He is the founder of SHOKUNIN, a company that offers Marketing as A Service to Asian based
funded ventures (Series B and beyond). He focuses on Martech and ad tech implementation and how new technologies can help brands grow and acquire customers globally. Dominique is also a Member of the Board of Directors of the Mobile Marketing Association in APAC and is a sought after thought leader on global marketing as a jury member and keynote speaker in key regional events.

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Moran Cerf, Dominique Touchaud, Eduardo Coello, Katty Coulson

29 de septiembre de 2020

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Dominique Touchaud

29 de septiembre de 2020


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