Fabriccio Díaz

Cinematographer and student, School of Film and Visual Arts

Fabriccio is a film school student and a cinematographer.  On 5th of January 2014, at the age of 17 years, one of his pictures was selected in a National Geographic The Moment Assignment. Jay Dickman, National Geographic Photographer, Pulitzer Winner and The Moment Assignment Curator, selected «Thunders and Explosions at Acatenango«, as other 19 winners out of almost 21,000 submissions.

He was Timelapse Artist in the documentary El Corazón de la montaña (2013) and in the feature film Hunting Party (2014), both directed by  Chris Kummerfeldt Quiroa. He directed and produced the documentary Yo no soy basura (2018). He was the cinematographer in On the Edge (2018) and Ixch’umil (2019).

Más vídeos de Fabriccio Díaz

Cinema UFM: Let There Be Light
Romeo López Aldana, Benjamin Gaskell, Fabriccio Díaz

15 de noviembre de 2018