Michael Strong

Michael Strong is Chief Visionary Officer of Freedom Lights Our World (FLOW). He also serves on the board of The Seasteading Institute and the advisory boards of the Lifeboat Foundation, Trilinc Global and Moorfield Storey Institute.

Strong is lead author of Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems — coauthored with John Mackey, Muhammad Yunus, Hernando de Soto, and others.

He is currently working on the entrepreneurial creation of legal systems based on his 2009 article «The Legal Autonomy of the Dubai International Financial Centre: A Scalable Strategy for Global Free Market Reforms» and his blog posts at «Let a Thousand Nations Bloom.»

Previously, Strong worked in education and independent learning; he is author of The Habit of Thought: From Socratic Seminars to Socratic Practice, founder of innovative Socratic, Montessori, and Paideia schools and programs in Alaska, Florida, California, Texas, and New Mexico.

Strong holds a MA in Social Thought from the University of Chicago and a BA in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College (Santa Fe).

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Last update: 06/04/2011

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