Oliver Porter

Oliver Porter is chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Sandy Springs, Georgia. He created and implemented the Sandy Springs Model of Public/Private partnerships that features the most extensive use of private industry to be found in local government in the country. He is also advisor to new cities of Johns Creek, Milton, Chattahoochee Hill Country, Dunwoody, and Dunwoody in Georgia, and other communities considering cityhood and existing cities around the nation on the use of private industry as an alternative service delivery method; and advisor to cities in Japan, where he conducted major seminars and conferences on Public/Private partnerships in conjunction with Toyo University operating under a grant from the Central Government.

Porter holds a BS in Civil Engineering from University of South Carolina and a MBA from Georgia State University.

Last update: 12/09/2013

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Sandy Springs: A Success Story in Public-Private Partnerships
Oliver Porter

05 de septiembre de 2013


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