Richard and Anna Ebeling

Dr. Richard Ebeling is president of the Foundation of Economic Education (FEE). He served as Ludwig von Mises professor of Economics at Hillsdale College, Michigan and vice president of academic affairs in The Future of Freedom Foundation. Dr. Ebeling holds various degrees in the study of Economics: Ph.D. from Middlesex University in London, M.A. from Rutgers University, and B.A. from California State University. Dr. Anna Ebeling is researcher and lecturer at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) since 2003, and former adjunct professor of Business and History at Hillsdale College, Michigan. Having been raised in Russia, she holds a Ph.D. in History and Political Science and a M.A. in Linguistics from Moscow State University. She was senior researcher at the Soviet Academy of Science and public relations director of the American Publishing Company in Moscow. Both, Richard and Anna Ebeling, discovered the “lost papers” of Ludwig von Mises and edited the papers “Selected Writings of Ludwig von Mises”, published by Liberty Fund.

Last Update: 20/08/2008

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