Robert Martello

Robert Martello is professor of history of science and technology. He has led Olin College’s Arts, Humanities, and Social Science curricular development since 2001. He has developed a number of Olin courses that use self-directed learning techniques to integrate humanities and social science skills and content, and he recently launched a new study of Benjamin Franklin’s printing career that emphasizes connections between technology, business, and the growth of information networks in early America. Martello holds a PhD in History and Social Study of Science and Technology, a MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a BS in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Last update: 28/11/2013

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Robert Martello, Jonathan Stolk

25 de octubre de 2013

Intrinsic Motivation
Robert Martello, Jonathan Stolk

25 de octubre de 2013

Project-Based Learning to Support Intrinsic Motivation
Jonathan Stolk, Robert Martello

24 de octubre de 2013


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