Robyn Metcalfe

Food historian and Futurist

She holds a Ph.D. in History from The Boston University, Metcalfe is a visiting researcher scholar and lecturer at The University of Texas at Austin , and has written three non-fiction books. 

Robyn concentrates on the history of urban food markets and is particularly interested in the use of technology to improve and re-invent the global food supply chain. She also is the director of Food+City, a platform that explores the global food supply chain.

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Robyn Metcalfe: Entrepreneurship and The Food Supply Chain
Robyn Metcalfe, Daniel Austin Green

23 de octubre de 2020

The Antigua Forum
Gabriel Calzada, Sam Patterson, Gustavo Medina, Flemming Rose, Surse Pierpoint, Mauricio Rojas, Marcel Granier, Japheth Omojuwa, Barbara Oakley, Sugata Mitra, David Seymour, Matt Dalio, Nouh El Harmouzi, Magatte Wade, Robert Metcalfe, Benjamin Slivka, Daniel M. Rothschild, Robin Koerner, Mark Stalhman, Eric Glustrom, Robyn Metcalfe, Elise Westhoff, Lenore Ealy, Robert Schimenz, Connor Boyack

23 de octubre de 2020

Reinvención del sistema alimentario de Guatemala
Robyn Metcalfe, Jorge Gabriel Jiménez, Ximena Leal de Zibara, Cecilia Quesada

31 de julio de 2020

Food Routes: A Tale of Cooperation
Robyn Metcalfe

27 de marzo de 2020