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Dominique Touchaud: The Golden Era for Marketing and Technology | Business Day 2020

Yasmin Valdez  | 29 de septiembre de 2020  | Vistas: 29

Business Day Consumers Innovation Marketing

Business Day 2020: Embracing Change Leading in the New Reality was an event for the business and entrepreneurial community. Dominique Touchaud presented his experience on how mass production has completely changed the marketing landscape and its relationship with technology innovations.

Touchaud explained that since the invention of the phonograph in 1978, the way we communicated started to evolve. The PC with a graphic interface appeared in 1973, Google in 1998, and in 2020 some countries already have 5G, the new global wireless standard.

What I focus on now is to use technology in marketing for brands to talk better to their consumers.” — Dominique Touchaud

For Touchaud, the 60-year-old marketing process no longer works, which means that understanding your consumer, establishing a brand positioning, executing a creative transformation is not enough to connect with customers. He points out that with the access to information of what people want, a series of opportunities open:

  • Utility: added value beyond the product
  • Entertainment: provide enjoyable marketing
  • Relevance: give the right information at the right time

The essence of marketing lies in the tools we use to connect with the consumers. Dominique shows that there’s a lot of sameness in the way brands sell the products or services. He uses as an example of online travel services that have similar digital layouts, offering consumers trips in the same way.

 Your consumers are the directors of the orchestra, the marketers are the musicians, and the technology is just the instrument that we’re using to connect with the director.” —Dominique Touchaud

Dominique concludes that the root of marketing and technology is creativity linked with the emotional connection of consumers to get them interested in a brand.




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