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Moran Cerf: How to Innovate Business With Neuroscience | Business Day 2020

Yasmin Valdez  | 29 de septiembre de 2020  | Vistas: 94

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Moran Cerf shared three ideas with neuroscience that will shape how we do business in the next ten years and why embracing these technologies earlier can be a benefit in each particular industry.

Cerf explained how companies are getting more interested in the use of neuroscience to understand the brain of the consumers, but also to hire and build teams, create better content, and to understand themselves.

Asking questions or observing behaviors gives you a fraction of reality but not the whole story… but if you look at the brain you can see what people want, what triggers people, what will change their mind…” — Moran Cerf

Moran pointed out that the available research focuses on having a better look at the brain to help people make decisions more efficiently, improve marketing strategies, management, and interacting with people effectively. He then presented the three ideas that will change the way marketing and business work if they become a reality in the future.

  1. Sensory addition
  2. Harnessing technology back for humans
  3. Access and writing into dreams

The world of neuroscience and business is dominated by two industries in the US, tech industry and the entertainment industry.” — Moran Cerf

These ideas require people to believe in them and to help make the research process more accessible to others. Moran Cerf invites the audience to reflect on changing the paradigm to accept the use of neuroscience to understand ourselves in a new way and embrace new opportunities for innovation and creativity.


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