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Timothy Chou: Is Digitalization a Necessary Disruption?

Sophia Rossell  | 15 de junio de 2021  | Vistas: 64

Business Disruption Technology

On Business Day 2021, Carolina Uribe, director of the Kirzner Entrepreneurship Center at UFM, introduces doctor Timothy Chou, board member and Stanford Cloud Computing Lecturer. In this conversation he will  answer the question: Is digital disruption necessary?

Timothy states that digital disruption has been present for a while now and it is necessary if you want to survive. He mentions that cloud computing is at the core of everything that happens, 5G is the next step in communications technology, edge computing is the manifestation of technology, and everyone needs to know about the technology you use. 

With the technologies and abilities that we have, why do we not shift how we educate everybody from the youngest to the oldest and make it possible to be able to build your own future.” – Timothy Chou

He places Kenya as an example of a country that moved completely to a digital currency, where 50% of their GDP is processed through this currency, and 93% of the population have bank accounts to make digital transactions. Timothy explains how his business discovered the way to separate humans from the machines and create networks. He proposes that you can achieve your goals through this five personal challenges:

  1. Build your own future. 
  2. Build it with software.
  3. Move to digital banking to improve flow of capital.
  4. Educate yourself.
  5. Get on the path to thinking of healthcare in a digital era. 

Timothy reminds us to build your own future and change lives so you can achieve your goals and have a successful business. 


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Board Member, Stanford Cloud Computing Lecturer

Directora, Centro de Emprendimiento Kirzner