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Sheldon Bernstein: The 8 Essentials of Innovation

New Media UFM  | 13 de junio de 2022  | Vistas: 25

Business Day FCE Innovation Management

Sheldon Bernstein, Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Ocean IQ, joined the event Business Day 2022 of the Faculty of Economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. In his conference, 'The 8 Essentials of Innovation', he talked about the essence behind innovation and the ways you can make it work in your business.

For you in support of highly talented students from around the country

This virtual conference is of great value for you: the leader, the marketer, the founder, or department manager seeking inspiration and ideas to implement as you face this new reality in your current role. Voluntary donations will support the ITA Scholarship Program, which seeks to identify the most qualified, talented and motivated students in Guatemala who lack the financial resources to study at the university level and make it possible for them to earn an undergraduate degree at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, resulting in a great positive impact for their lives, families and communities.

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Chief Strategy Officer, Blue Ocean IQ