Artista Emprendedor: Ice House on Main

Yasmin Valdez  | 14 de febrero de 2020  | Vistas: 63

Artista Emprendedor Documental Entrepreneurship Escuela de Cine y Artes Visuales

Advent GX (AGX) is a company that brings together creative thinkers, strategists, and data scientists to improve the lives and businesses in small communities. Students from the School of Film and Visual Media collaborated making a documentary of the project, Ice House on Main, a building built in 1912 that Advent GX has helped redevelop and to stimulate economic growth.

During this panel conducted by Fernando Franco, UFM students along with Joan and José Quintana share the background of this collaboration, the creative process, and the experience in general.

We have to make sure that every project that we embark on has a sustainable development component, that is both, financially and economically sustainable."- José Quintana

Joan Quintana explains how the idea of this enterprise was born, and how Texas A&M University was involved in it. On the other hand, the president of AGX, José Quintana, describes how heritage preservation, innovation, and entrepreneurship relate to each other. Emphasizing on the importance of exchanging knowledge and collaborating internationally to bring more value as well as new perspectives to the projects.

The cultural exchange is a human desire, to have that exchange, to go to new places, and experience new things." – Joan Quintana

Joan continues to reveal the challenges and opportunities of working with small communities, related to losing their youth, limited resources, leadership, international support, and entrepreneurial incubation to replicate elsewhere. José points out the principles to develop their projects using the history of The Ice House on Main as an example. He also highlights that as part of this process, AGX has attracted international support from countries like Brazil, England, Belgium, and Guatemala.

I think entrepreneurship is something we should all live by and we should all practice every day."- Gabriela Villatoro

Later, the UFM Film students share their role in the documentary, their creative proposal, and the intention behind every decision. To conclude, they share their experience interacting with the community and the outtakes of the international co-production.


Creative producer, musician, and professor

President, Advent GX

Managing Partner, Advent GX

Student, School of Film and Visual Arts

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Student, School of Film and Visual Arts


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