Cineforo: The Automatic Hate

  | 21 de enero de 2016  | Vistas: 348

Cine Cinematografía Escuela de Cine y Artes Visuales Film

The Automatic Hate, a 2015 drama-dark comedy film directed and written by Justin Lerner, spins around a family mystery and gives the audience a thrilling story full of great cinematic moments. Justin Lerner, visiting professor of the School of Film and Visual Arts shares in this forum all the details about the production, creative process and the script writing. He describes the creation of the characters, their personality and characteristics to explain the story and the themes touched in it. Later, about the inspiration for this movie, que says:

Every film is personal. You can’t make a film without it being like that. I definitely lifted some stuff from my real life for this.”

Lerner gives advice about finding the right people to write scripts, which he says is as difficult as finding a significant because you have to compliment each other, based in his experience working with Katharine O'Brien in different projects.

I regret many things. I would never change anything, because I feel that once you finish your movie and send it off to the world, it is not yours anymore. I believe that once you make a film it represents who you are at that time and that you can only see progress by making another one and making it better.”

Don’t miss all the details about this production and Justin’s experience to apply it in your own projects! We hope you enjoy it.

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