Cine UFM Live: Collaboration Dynamics for Independent Filmmaking

Sophy Ramírez  | 30 de mayo de 2020  | Vistas: 51

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The creation of every movie is different in terms of storytelling and the production process. The director Raphael Raphael and the producer Javier Parellada explain their journey producing Hidden Treasures of the Sweet Absolute, a developing movie, made in Guatemala, in collaboration with the UFM School of Film and Visual Arts.

Raphael describes the intention of the story, about a young man having trouble telling the difference between reality and his visions, he doesn’t know if the medical treatment he is getting is helping him. One of the objectives of the director is for the movie to invite the audience to share the character’s confusion by telling the story in an experimental way. Then, they share some of the experiences in the production of this movie.

When I was a young student I wanted to revolutionize the form, break all the rules...Picasso broke a lot of rules, but before he did that, he learned them, you have to know what the classic forms are in order to change or innovate them.” — Raphael Raphael

They list seven lessons that they found valuable and were useful for the production environment, that may help the new filmmakers to take advantage of:

  • Be open to the unexpected.
  • Model the attitude/behavior you wish to invite.
  • Create a collaboratory.
  • Carefully vet ideas.
  • Acknowledge contributions.
  • Set intentionality and reflect on the process.
  • Create a culture: purposeful, committed, and creative.

Raphael reveals the inspiration behind the story, that came with his personal concern about mental illness, and the desire to create a space where artists with different backgrounds could collaborate. Then, Parellada presents his experience putting the production team and crew together, he also mentions that with a great script you can get an amazing and collaborative group.

This is not something only two people can do and so the first thing is, who is our team?, who do we have on board?, and when you get those right people, everything is possible.” — Javier Parellada.

Raphael mentions that even if the movie was shot in Guatemala, there are no references to specific places of the city, this to make it extranational and prove that there is room for all kinds of films in Guatemala. Then, they conclude by answering some questions of the audience.


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