Cinema UFM: «Trailblazers, The New Zealand Story» (Documentary)

  | 15 de febrero de 2017  | Vistas: 89

Cine Documental

Robert (Bob) Chitester, executive producer of Trailblazers: The New Zealand Story, talks with the audience about the production, ideas behind, inspiration, challenges and experiences of creating Trailblazers, The New Zealand Story.

What is the documentary about? In a nutshell:

“At one time, New Zealand had the most government-controlled economy that existed outside the Iron Curtain. The government impacted every aspect of a person’s life. [...] By 1984, New Zealand was in serious financial crisis and unable to borrow any more money.

Finance Minister Roger Douglas, a member of the left-leaning Labour Party, took office the midst of this chaos, implementing a dramatic change in government thinking.He instituted the most radical economic liberalization reforms, dubbed “Rogernomics,” ever seen. [...] Trailblazers: The New Zealand Story, explores this transformation…” - Free To Choose Media

Chitester talks about his role as executive producer on dreaming the idea and finding the resources (money) to make it happen. Later discusses how free market changed the New Zealand financial crisis for good and his most remarkable lesson, which came from the challenge of having very limited amount of time. About his motivation on this project, he says:

My motivation to do that movie is to convince people that the world is going to be better of if limited government and free markets existed everywhere in the world.”

Later the conversation gives a spin to a different topic: how do you measure success in a project like this? and how he met Milton Friedman and decided to work in films like this. Finally he describes how to him, the love for art, filming and photography are also great motivation to make films like this.

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