The Craft of Cinematography with Benjamin Gaskell

Isabel Cacacho  | 05 de julio de 2018  | Vistas: 61

Cine Cinematografía Escuela de Cine y Artes Visuales Film

When it comes to cinematography, Benjamin Gaskell is someone with great experience on the matter. After imparting the Cinematic Lighting Design course at the School of Film and Visual Arts at UFM, he shared a little of his knowledge in the field of filmmaking, and the passion he has about it.

Ben shares some of the details about the course he designed for his students to learn how the department of cinematography works on a film set, and what is the role of each crew member on it. He specifically explains the importance of teamwork and division of labor that every person has to have in mind when working in this environment, and he mentions how satisfied he is with the results manifesting in his students over this subjects after taking his class.

It's been pretty rewarding to see the students become capable, artful cinematographers.” 

Ben also comments on the role of the cinematographer, and mentions some of his secretes on what it takes to excel in the profession. Between them, he remarks on the importance of being a good leader, and on how everything you decide on doing on set must have a reason and intention so you deliver a strong message through your work.

I love it because it is different every day. It will challenge you to always try to be better, and to always learn more.” 

So far, Benjamin has worked in feature films such as Honor Flight, and in several documentaries including The Return. He has also participated in a great amount of short films, music videos and commercials for great companies where the names of Google, Audi, Sony Entertainment, The Discovery Channel, and Mc. Donald’s stand out.

Come and meet Benjamin Gaskell and his passionate ideas on this amazing craft. 




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