Roya Mahboob: Empowering Women Through Technology

Sophy Ramírez  | 20 de abril de 2020  | Vistas: 34

CFF 2020 College Freedom Forum Education Entrepreneurship

The evolution of technological devices like computers and smartphones has accomplished a revolution in learning methodologies, but there are countries that don’t have access to education because of low economic development or conservative beliefs. Roya Mahboob shares her motivations to teach about technology to young women and children who need it.

Mahboob expresses her enjoyment for being able to present her work in Digital Cellphone, a non-profit organization focused on empowering women and children by teaching them about coding, social media, business, and robotics. Then she reveals her personal approach with the project: 

People talked about this magic box that connected you with the big and outside world, you can type whatever you want, find thousands of information, and I was always fascinated about that. So the first time I saw the computer and used it, I made it into my mind to somehow make technology the center of my interior”. - Roya Mahboob 

The entrepreneur explains how the organization is promoted through technology such as social media. She comments on the fact that there are young girls who have marriage and house life as their only option in life, describing how Digital Cellphone manages to give opportunities to these women.

I think that for us it is not only using the platform but giving the tools of education to the kids. How they can become digital citizens that no longer rely on the physical border of a country, and they control wherever they want with their digital passport”. - Roya Mahboob 

Mahboob indicates the responsibility of the policymakers and government to invest in the younger generations to build better countries. To conclude, she emphasizes the importance of the sense of freedom that everyone should have in their lives. 

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