Fighting for my Father’s Freedom

Aletse López  | 09 de noviembre de 2018  | Vistas: 33

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Ti-Anna Wang talks about her father, Wang Bingzhang, a political prisoner currently serving 16 years of a life-sentence for his work in pro-democracy activism.

Wang shares how his father decided to devote his life to fight for freedom of chinese people, after being inspired by the ideas of liberty while living in Canada as a PhD student. For twenty years, his father worked for his dream of a democratic China, he sacrificed everything, including his freedom.

The past decade of my father’s imprisonment has been marked largely by heartbreak and defeat”.

On June 27, 2002, he was kidnaped by chinese authorities, and had a one day trial where he was not allowed to speak. He was found guilty for espionage and terrorism and receive the sentence of life in prison. Ti-Anna was 13 years old when she first lobbied for the release of her father. Since then, she has spoken and pleaded all around the world.

By speaking up for him, I’m better, my life is made richer and my perspective has being broader and for that I’m thankful”.

Her family takes turns to visit Wang behind plexiglass and prison bars. The disappointment is overwhelming, and her efforts seem meaningless, she says. But she is thankful for having the opportunity to fight in the present time, and to make the small contributions to human rights.

If my father can endure his suffering, and I can stand up in this stage, I know that you too can make sacrifices, confront your fears, and speak up for truth”.

Ti-Anna knows she’s not alone. She looks up for the many allies of human rights movement for wisdom, inspiration and support. No sacrifice for justice is wasted. Progress is cumulative effort and it moves us in the right direction.

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