The Orator of Secrets: Child Marriage

Aletse López  | 09 de noviembre de 2018  | Vistas: 35

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Jerry Sesanga is an author, journalist and filmmaker. He presents an excerpt of his movie The Baby Bride, which highlights how the young girls in Uganda undergone arranged marriage.  His films pictures Maria, a very brilliant girl in class who performs very well, when all of the sudden she returns home and finds out her parents have accepted money to give her as a bride.

Uganda culture is full of taboos, he says. He tells the story of his mother, who was a child bride and was limited with what she could do, due to lack of sexual information, education and opportunities. Later, Sesanga mentions how these issues are not spoken in his country.

Films is one of the ways that I use to highlight this issues that are happening in Uganda.”

Stigma keeps women silent about the issues they face, he describes how his mother didn’t tell him about the problems she faced. Men don’t really care about these situations and these barriers of silence prevent Uganda’s society from moving forward, and develops perpetuated poverty, misery, inequality and injustice.

If we break the silence, we can make the difference.”

The best way an entrepreneur can help his society is by breaking the silence. He talks about his work, like the publications of his two books African Girl and The Wasted Beauty, and the creation of Ullywood, where he produces authentic Ugandan stories with a different narrative and perspectives. He also worked with Plan International a campaign called My body, My future to raise sexual health awareness.

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Ugandan filmmaker, writer, and journalist