Honorary Doctoral Degree Awarded at November 2021 Commencement to Barbara Oakley

Lisa Quan  | 10 de noviembre de 2021  | Vistas: 51

Education Honorary Doctoral Degree Neuroscience UFM

The board of directors of Universidad Francisco Marroquín granted Barbara Oakley an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences, the maximum distinction of this house of studies and named her honorary professor for her contribution to education and neuroscience.

Barbara Oakley gives an inspiring speech in which she shares the experience of her favorite scientist of all time, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Santiago Ramón y Cajal. She explains how Santiago was a terrible student and struggled with his learning, but when he got into his 20’s, he became a doctor and then tried to be a professor of anatomy. He flunk two times on his final test until he passed it in his third attempt, and became a professor. Ramón y Cajal accomplished to be the father of neuroscience by being persistent and looking carefully at the facts and adapting according to new data.

In your own life, be true to the facts not to theories. Don’t be wedded to an ideology theory, look at the facts, be like Santiago Ramón y Cajal. If you are no genius, you can sometimes do things that a genius can not.” — Barbara Oakley

Finally, she encourages the students to keep true to the facts, to go forth, and prosper.


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