Arquiforo – Challenges in High Rise Building Design

  | 31 de enero de 2017  | Vistas: 404

Architecture Arquitectura Design Facultad de Arquitectura UFM

As part of UFM Design Week 2017, Andrea Maffei, architect responsible of the highest skyscraper in Italy, along with architects Victor Cohen and Davide Garda talk about the challenges in high rise building design. They discuss the costs of building this kind of projects and the process taken to make them happen. Maffei shares very interesting details about the construction of Citylife Tower, related to the climatic aspect, the energy consumption, the design and the mechanical equipment.

Later they talk about the considerations taken because of the wind and the tests they made to make it safe. Maffei details why they decided to use “Damping System” to put weight on top of the building to stabilize and reduce the vibration and movement of the building. The function of the building and the open spaces that characterize it are also topics addressed in this forum, as well as the distribution of electrical wire, the floor and the density.

Don’t miss all the details of the construction of this amazing building!

Do you know how to merge tradition and technology in architectural projects?


Arquitecto y director de la Maestría en Administración de Proyectos Inmobiliarios

Architect, founder of Andrea Maffei Architects

Arquitecto y fundador de David Garda Taller de Arquitectura