Medium Tech: How to Merge Technology and Tradition in Architectural Projects

Estefanía Campos  | 06 de febrero de 2017  | Vistas: 441

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Sofía Castillo and Zachary Sher, founders of Sher + Castillo Architects talk about their experience working in architectural projects with a very unique method, Medium Tech, on which they say:

We aim to use different modes of technology, push the design forward while embracing traditional modes of construction in the context where the projects are defined.”

They begin by sharing their background, studies and biggest inspirations in their professional practice. Then they talk about 6 amazing projects they have worked on around the world, some being high tech and some middle tech and the different processes that they required to merge tradition and technology.

It's a cyclical process that aims to create a lot of quick prototypes and study how surfaces are generated, while optimizing it and making it really build-able.”

They explain the work done in 8 Spruce Street, the tallest residential tower in Manhattan, an expansion and modernization of the LAX International Terminal, Museo Soumaya in Mexico City, where their role was to coordinate, do the construction analysis and deliver 2D and 3D documentation for fabrication and construction.

If you really think about how your project is built you can aim to create very different looking buildings and push the design.”

Then, a student housing tower in Australia, a train station in Hong Kong and the first project they did in Guatemala, an event center called San Bernardo. Learn about their vast experience in the field and how the application of local construction techniques, along with the use of new technologies and their talent has led them to create great projects.


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