Process, Interpretation and Dialog in Architecture

Yasmin Valdez  | 18 de septiembre de 2018  | Vistas: 39

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Joel Putnam is an architectural designer and professor. The topic of this conference is focused on the balance between architecture design, data analysis, and functionality. Joel exposes that in 2005 humans created a billion gigabytes of data; this transforming businesses, everyday life, and how a designer must use data to the advantage of thoughtful creations.

It’s only through exploration, experimentation and guided discipline that one learns the heuristics to ask new questions.”

Putnam proposes that when talking about complex data analysis, everything revolves around interpretations, and this is a way to find creativity and inspiration. He discusses the process he goes through to create his architectural designs, presenting different projects he has worked on. With this, he demonstrates the importance of data analysis to make innovative creations. Joel focuses on telling a story; for him it's not just the idea, is the analysis of all the information and data related to it.

In the end design it’s about choice, iterations, options, decisions; ultimately it comes down to how well you manage the process, the story you tell and the yarn you spin.”

Creating a new architectural design requires the ability to balance creativity and functionality. It’s crucial to evaluate light, usable space, views, location, glare, access; the dialog among structures and the general expression of the design. Knowing all that data is the value of the project, is the way to build a solid argument when trying to sell the idea and to generate other possibilities. Using analytical methods is Putnam’s way of improving the experience of the spaces he creates. He advices not to focus only on the idea, what matters is the analysis of all the information and data related to it.

Only when things disappear in this way are we freed to use them without thinking and so to focus beyond them on new goals.” - Mark Weiser

Joel gives his perspective on how technology is impacting environments, how people today can interact in a digital-physical space, and presents what he teaches his students about the way to communicate a design through various media and some elements to sell a project. Putnam discusses his most recent adventure related to how to teach a computer to have a taste. Finishes expressing his view of the future linked with the evolution of technology, and what does that mean for an architect and designer.


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