Taller Ken: Playful Design with Social and Cultural Relevancy

  | 05 de septiembre de 2016  | Vistas: 115

Architecture Design Facultad de Arquitectura UFM

Gregory Melitonov, co-founder of Taller Ken shares in this lecture the insights about the biggest architectural projects his firm has worked on in Guatemala and explains the unique approach to them.

Taller Ken, was founded by architects Gregory Melitonov and Ines Guzman in 2013, with the focus of providing playful design with social and cultural relevancy. After working in some projects in New York and Genova, he decided to found his firm in Guatemala:

Both Ines and I found very fertile ground in Guatemala, where we opened our firm”

He’s invited several architects from around the world to work in his projects. He describes the special relationship within the members of his team and how they’ve accomplished great things by combining everyone’s abilities.

Throughout the years, they have been part of several projects where they have shown their innovative vision, combining elements from the context and history of Guatemala and playful, colorful and cool fresh ideas. Some of these are:

  • Saúl E. Méndez restaurants (zone 14, Pradera Concepción, Roosevelt, Majadas ONCE)
  • Alessa jewelry store
  • Fabra, a residential building

Melitonov talks about the inspiration behind them, the materials and textures used how they shaped the definition of who they are. Have you visited any of these places?

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