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Heart to Heart Connections | FED Talks

Sophia Rossell  | 08 de julio de 2021  | Vistas: 49

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Luis Pedro Zenteno, student of Entrepreneurial Engineering at UFM, talks about Heart to Heart Connections. He mentions that the key to everything is the heart. He explains that communication is the most powerful way to connect with people. The environment he encourages among professionals and their teams is one without judgment or prejudice. 

Heart to Heart Connections is all about empathy and making people trust that you believe in them.” – Luis Pedro Zenteno

Luis says that this concept is not usually applied in workspaces. He was working as a consultant in a technology company and his main goal was to create an environment that would improve team performance. He explains that due to the pandemic all his interactions were in the virtual format causing the task to be difficult. He decided to organize a face to face activity called The Why Mural, where all the team members had to share a picture in the mural that represented why they were working in the company and someday take it off because they achieved that goal. Luis realized at that moment that he wasn’t only working for his goal but also for his coworkers’ goals. His role in the company was important because he was helping others grow personally and professionally. 

Luis established that Heart to Heart Connections is all about empathy and you cannot apply it as a method, it is a decision that you make everyday. 


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