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Initial credits
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What does an economist know about entrepreneurship?
01:53    |    
Increased interest about entrepreneurship among scholars
03:15    |    
Austrian School of Economics
04:16    |    
Universidad Francisco Marroquín, a place to study entrepreneurship
05:31    |    
Importance of entrepreneurship
06:39    |    
Interest of academics in entrepreneurs
07:44    |    
What can economics and economic theory say about entrepreneurship?
Israel Kirzner
08:56    |    
What do we mean by opportunity?
Ideas with potential to create economic value
12:15    |    
Theorizing opportunities
12:43    |    
Opportunity recognition
14:02    |    
Active idea generating and evaluating processes
Recognizing trends
Example of taking advantage of trends
Solving practical problems
Looking for gaps in the market
Dell computers
25:35    |    
Valuable opportunities only after the fact
Steve Jobs' failures
28:52    |    
Risks or uncertainties
29:45    |    
Investing resources
30:54    |    
Economic policy, government policy and the role of institutions in entrepreneurship
Value creation
What can government officials do?
36:44    |    
Anecdote about John Kenneth Galbraith's advice
39:26    |    
Question and answer period
How early can we start the process of education about entrepreneurship?
Explaining the importance of innovation, change and being creative
If someone asks you, would you say you are an entrepreneur? Why?
Would you share some of your ideas on the relation of the uncertainty concept of The Black Swan written by Nassim Taleb and the new book he is writing?
Distinguishing between risk and uncertainty 
Analyzing uncertainty
What do you think about the lack of independence to pursue what we want or need?
Expected pattern
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Final credits 




First Tuesday: Opportunity and Value Proposition

06 de septiembre de 2011   | Vistas: 37 |   Entrepreneurship Opportunity

Peter Klein discusses the connection between economy and entrepreneurship by explaining what economics and economic theory can say about entrepreneurial activities. Klein also points out how, in the past years, there has been an increase in interest about entrepreneurship among students of other disciplines. The main objective of his conference is to describe opportunities and emphasize value proposition during the process of generating ideas. He shares different examples to clarify how opportunity recognition takes place; by identifying trends, solving practical problems and looking for gaps in the market. He concludes talking about the importance of analyzing uncertainty and risk when investing resources; and the role of institutions, economic policy and government policy in entrepreneurship.

Peter Klein is researcher on economics of organization, entrepreneurship and corporate strategy. He is Associate Professor of Applied Social Sciences…


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