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Initial credits
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Introduction: Unexpected action
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What is innovation?
Categories of Innovation
From Revolutionary to Evolutionary
05:52    |    
Compelling Examples of Innovation
The TOMS Story - Simply creating value
Innocent Smoothies - Lessons of persistence
Duolingo - Social disruption 
SBTV and Jamal Edwards 
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Enterprise Lab: Pitching to the prime minister
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How to use entrepreneurship as a quantum leap in development
Rule # 1: Create something of value
Rule #2: A journey about people
Rule # 3: Don't just plan, build
Rule # 4: Every problem is an opportunity
Rule # 5: Think big, start small, scale fast
Rule # 6: Never regret - keep moving forward
Rule # 7: Failure is an educator
Rule # 8: Build people, not businesses
Rule # 9: Don't accept the normal, be disruptive
Rule # 10: You're here to add value
Other key lessons
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Questions and comments section
How do you find a mentor?
Which would you consider is the bigger driver of your success: force of personality, or your raw idea? Which would you cultivate further?
What is the role of growth hacking in successfully scaling businesses?
Once I have an idea, how do I make my customer base grow?
As an investor, what do you look for when you are about to make an investment?
As an entrepreneur, how do you balance your life?
What key elements in a person tell you that they can be disruptive?
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Final comments
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Final credits 




MIT GSW 2015: Entrepreneurship A Quantum Leap to Development

26 de marzo de 2015   | Vistas: 7 |   Comercio Emprendimiento Entrepreneurship Finanzas

Entrepreneur Ketan Makwana shares his take on the true power of entrepreneurship as the ultimate tool to fuel progress. The secret lies in creating value by means of innovation. The natural progression between revolutionary and evolutionary innovation maintains the momentum necessary to boost development. To exemplify, Makwana shares stories of success that teach key lessons in entrepreneurship, from TOMS’ and Duolingo’s socially disruptive endeavours, to relenting persistence in the owners of Innocent Smoothies. As learned from his own experience in starting Enterprise Labs, his advice to aspiring starters is to do, do, do. Get beyond just getting inspired.

So how can we use entrepreneurship as a quantum leap to development? How do we create value? Makwana hands us the basic rules. It’s all about the importance of working with people, persisting with a positive outlook on obstacles and failure, and overall, being disruptive.

Ketan Makwana, entrepreneur, investor and mentor. He launched Enterprise Lab and founded Youth Enterprise Live. He is also head of…


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