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    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Introductory stories
    • Kyle Passarelli - Blue Kite and Xoom Corporation
    • Thomaz Cortes - Mokane
    • Akhil Nigam - Mass Challenge
  • 03:25    |    
    On passion and inspiration
    • What inspired you to create your startup?
    • When did you really become passionate about pursuing a certain problem?
    • What kind of advice would you give somebody who is aspiring to begin a startup?
  • 14:14    |    
    The early challenges and fear of failure
    • How do you manage fear of failure?
    • What is the best way not to fall into the dreaded valley of death?
    • How did you deal with the early challenges of your startup?
  • 22:22    |    
    Mentoring and support
    • How important are mentors? How do you convince someone to mentor you?
    • How important is entrepreneurial culture?
    • How is entrepreneurial culture relevant in Guatemala?
    • Is entrepreneurial culture more embracing in the United States?
  • 29:41    |    
    Co-founders and investors
    • How do you know whether to start alone or have a co-founder?
    • Do entrepreneurs come to Mass Challenge more as founders or co-founders?
    • What are strategies for entrepreneurs in areas with little access to finance and resources?
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    Final comments
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    Final credits

MIT GSW 2015: Fostering Entrepreneurship

  | 25 de marzo de 2015  | Vistas: 53

Comercio Emprendimiento Finanzas Startups

In this panel, Gabriel Delgado Ayau leads four successful entrepreneurs in discussing the challenges of starting a business and following your passion. What is the ideal environment required to fuel startup endeavours?

Kyle Passarelli, director of engineering at Xoom Corporation, shares the story of an international bill payment product born to help U.S. based, Latin American communities aid their mirror towns in Guatemala. Thomaz Cortes, founder of Mokane, describes his early days as a university student launching a business in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Akhil Nigam, co-founder of Mass Challenge, describes the essential components starting entrepreneurs require to successfully execute a valuable idea. Together the panelists explore a wide range of important questions, from how to handle fear of failure and need for mentorship, to co-founder experiences and financing strategies in times of scarcity.


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