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    Initial credits
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    Stephen Brown - Obituary
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    Alberto Gómez - It's what you do
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    Rodrigo Blanco - Always do the right thing
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    Stephen Pieraldi - It is what it is
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    Discussion questions
    • What is the most valuable tool you can have as an entrepreneur?
    • How do I start with no technical knowledge and just a great idea?
    • What are the main challenges of a technical startup?
    • How do you convince your investors that your company won't fall on the tech short cycle?
    • If you don't have technical knowledge, how do you keep your team with you?
    • When do you think is the right time to expanding your business?
    • When scaling production for your product with a manufacturer, how do you most effectively protect your IP?
    • Staying connected
    • Do you think there should be more female entrepreneurs in these panels and in technical startups?
    • Do you think that being a woman will affect your probabilities of receiving investment?
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    Final comments
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    Final credits

MIT GSW 2015: Technical Entrepreneurship

  | 26 de marzo de 2015  | Vistas: 53

Comercio Emprendimiento Finanzas Startups

Stephen Brown, Alberto Gómez, Rodrigo Blanco and Stephen Pieraldi discuss aspects of entrepreneurship that lead to long-term success in a technical startup. Does it all depend on technical knowledge? What role does the founding team play in creating the right technical and sales balance? The panelists approach questions on subjects ranging from idea viability to technical debt.

Keeping a technical company afloat requires vision, preparation, and the capacity to survive quickly evolving adversity. Success in the technical field may well require actively fostering the participation of women in entrepreneurship and leadership roles. These and other subjects are tackled by panelists as they uncover the basic rules to effectively lead and maintain success in technical entrepreneurship.