Connor Boyack: How can Liberty Reach Families?

Sophia Rossell  | 06 de julio de 2021  | Vistas: 59

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During the tenth edition of The Antigua Forum, Connor Boyack, founder and president of Libertas Institute, shared ideas with Will Ogilvie about Libertas Institute's educational initiatives for new generations to understand and embrace the ideas of a free society.

Boyack talks about how Libertas Institute is a non-profit think tank and educational organization based in Utah which works on state and local laws to build a freer society by creating and implementing innovative policy reforms and exceptional educational resources. Due to their success, they are expanding their work outside of Utah to pass laws and affect a broader change. 

We believe that if we’re going to affect change we can’t just change short-term policies, we have to have a broader social engagement and educational program for especially the rising generation to sustain the freedoms that we hold dear.” — Connor Boyack

With Libertas Institute, Boyack established the third party doctrine, which protects data from the government, making it the biggest victory award from the state policy network. Along with his organization, he has developed The Tuttle Twins which are children’s books that teach about economics, government and liberty. The Tuttle Twins books have had lots of success, with 11 books in the market, and over two million sold copies.

I feel like the Antigua Forum experience accelerated me five years further down the path that I would have kept stumbling through on my own.” — Connor Boyack

Boyack explains how the Antigua Forum helped him develop his idea of reaching more people through the process of collaborating with different people. He shares that during his journey he explored other alternatives to make his project effective. The organization has now around 3,000 families working on the curriculum to have a deeper learning experience. 

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