Don Dyer: Entrepreneurship and Education

New Media UFM  | 19 de abril de 2022  | Vistas: 12

Antigua Forum Business Leadership Education Entrepreneurship

In Antigua Forum 2022, Francisco González interviewed Don Dyer, founder and CEO of Professional Janitorial Services of Texas (PJS), board member of the CORE Fellowship and headmaster and founding chairman of the board of Regents School of Austin, Texas. Dyer has a wide variety of experience that ranges from business leadership and entrepreneurship to public policy and education initiatives.

In this interview, Dyer talked about the difficulties and the major breakthrough he had when he started his company. That led him to diversify in a variety of business opportunities that have opened to him, leading him to start 8 different companies in various industries.

Also, he discussed how out of necessity he started to immerse in the world of education through his kids. He wasn’t conformed with the options that he had for them, so he went to Dallas to learn from a school that wasn’t based by the traditional norms. With that inspiration in mind, he helped found the Regent School of Austin that is now the biggest private school in the city.

“I Think that’s the goal that you want to see in education as you’re equipping someone who is capable to go out in the world and make evaluations, make assessments, have questions, and understand that they don’t need to be handed the solutions, they can create the solutions.”

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