Elise Westhoff: The Role of Philanthropy for a Free Society

Estefanía Campos  | 06 de julio de 2021  | Vistas: 40

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Elise Westhoff, president and CEO at The Philanthropy Roundtable shared in this interview the concept of philanthropy and its role for a free society. In her opinion, it has become more relevant during this pandemic because it's quicker than the government to help people in need. It also helps strengthen liberty because it brings together donors who have these same values and want to advance liberty.

I think we are helping donors think strategically about how we can meet this moment and actually make change.” — Elise Westhoff

Later Westhoff talks about the challenge of bringing together donors with causes that are aligned with their values. Also shares her ideas and reflections on how to create social change. On that matter, she emphasizes that we need to be good storytellers to convey our message effectively.

The more people we have who are talented, who understand what the next generation is thinking about, and how to reach people’s hearts rather than just their brains, the more successful we will be.” — Elise Westhoff

Westhoff was a participant of the tenth edition of The Antigua Forum, an annual event that gathers individuals from around the world, who believe in the power of human ingenuity and free enterprise to dramatically improve the well-being of people everywhere.

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President and CEO at the Philanthropy Roundtable

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