John Tillman: Free Market Public Policy

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In Antigua Forum 2022, Francisco González interviewed John Tillman, founder and CEO of the American Culture Project, chairman of Illinois Policy Institute, and founder and former chairman of the Liberty Justice Center, a public interest law firm. Tillman works supporting free market principles and liberty-based public policy initiatives for a better Illinois.

Tillman discussed that one of the biggest challenges in public policy is how everyone wants to craft the message that matters to them, but very few people try to adapt it to their audience. The policy makers get driven by their passion and knowledge, but have a hard time translating that to the people they want to reach. This provokes a disconnection between the ideas and the people that can be benefited from them. Another important point that Tillman talked about is that the messenger has to be relatable to the audience that you want to reach. Not only is the message important, but also the form you use to transmit it.

Sell in the language the audience consumes.”

Also, he talked about the difference in messages each part of the political spectrum sends. He mentioned that the main distinction is how one side expects the state to solve all their problems, meanwhile the liberal side lets you take control of your choices and your narrative in order to solve the problems that afflict you, and contribute to the development of the area in which you find yourself in. This difference in perspective is key to the way people interact with the state and with the expectations they set about what their role is and the role the government has to take.

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