Lenore Ealy: The Power of Civil Society to Solve Meaningful Problems

Estefanía Campos  | 06 de julio de 2021  | Vistas: 45

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During the tenth edition of The Antigua Forum, Lenore Ealy, Senior Fellow for Communities at Charles Koch Institute, shared ideas with Will Ogilvie  about the impact civil society can have on social change.

Ealy described civil society as the work of people associating together to solve problems, based on Vincent and Elionor Ostrom’s work. Later reflects on the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought for civil society because of the imposed lockdowns and social distancing requirements that have visibilize bad examples of how civil societies worked.

It’s really about how we develop the social norms and agreements that we’re going to operate on, and so we have seen people needing to respond and react in different ways.” — Lenore Ealy

Also talks about the educational and entrepreneurial opportunities that have emerged because of the crisis; in her opinion, people are starting to take more liberty, responsibility, and ownership on things that were usually done by governments and we are going to see great shifts in society.

I think we are going to see new social norms emerge and they’re going to be interesting new ways people are gonna find to do things together and we’ll see what we’ve learned from this. The civil society is where that kind of learning takes place.” — Lenore Ealy

Lenore concluded that community is a prototype space that allows people to come together to define the problems and find solutions.

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