Robert Schimenz: Critical Thinking in Education

Nataly Basterrechea  | 06 de julio de 2021  | Vistas: 53

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Robert Schimenz, executive director of Stossel in the Classroom (SITC), shared in conversation with Will Ogilvie ideas about the importance of critical thinking and how education should aim to teach it, during the tenth edition of The Antigua Forum.

If you really believe in freedom, become a teacher because that is where you'll have tremendous impact.”— Robert Schimenz

Schimenz has spent over 21 years teaching high schoolers but he wanted to reach more students and give them access to different perspectives about what is happening in the world today. Along with his organization, he created content that includes videos and lesson plans for over 100,000 teachers in the United States to teach liberty to students who would not have learned it otherwise.

We are in a battle of ideas, we can't sit back and just say “we are good now”, its gotta be an effort to continually improve.”— Robert Schimenz

Teachers who are willing to use the materials are generally those who realize that they are not providing the whole picture and by presenting the videos, students can draw their own conclusions with evidence on various issues developing critical thinking. The videos and content of Stossel in the Classroom can range from:

  • The unintended consequences of regulations
  • How regulation interferes with job creation
  • The downside of taxation

Schimenz talked about the importance of sharing the ideas of liberty though public schools to have real impact in future generations, because education is powerful.

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