Tony Woodlief: Solutions to Economic, Political, and Social Problems

Lisa Quan  | 23 de enero de 2022  | Vistas: 18

Antigua Forum Economics Government Policy

In Antigua Forum 2022, Francisco González interviewed Tony Woodlief, executive vice president at State Policy Network (SPN). Woodlief works with state-based leaders and organizations to generate solutions to economic, political, and social problems in the US.

Tony explained how polarization is affecting the democratic system of government and state politics, and also how the political parties are moving closer to extreme positions in the left and right spectrum. Polling data revealed that 42% of Americans are independent, not that ideological, and 20% are very invested in political parties and are very polarized.

We need to reknit the bonds that have been fried. That allows us to have in our communities more solidarity and then we can begin to push back through our state base groups against Washington D.C.”    

Woodlief shared some of the policy solutions to get past these divisions and reclaim American self-governance in his book I, Citizen. He explained the things you can do realistically, starting with your own mentality by taking the first step: love your neighbor, and with that action it can extend to the community.

Love is action not feeling! Feelings are cheap and superficial, so start by loving your neighbor.”

He closed his interview suggesting Americans to become more problem solvers and help their community find a solution by replicating the model of Antigua Forum with state base groups.

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