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Semifinal, Torneo Interescolar de Debates 2016 Is It Justifiable to Promote False History Narratives to Unite People? (Session I)

  | 08 de febrero de 2019  | Vistas: 8

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UFM's "Torneo Interescolar de Debatientes" (Insterschool Debate Tournament) is a space to develop debate skills through offering its students theoretical and practical workshops that helps them on the subjects such as, oratory, rhetoric, speech, debate formats and expression, that are involved in topics of political or social interest. In this exercise, participants from different schools in Guatemala City have to defend a stance and different postures.

In this debate, the topic is: Is It Justifiable to Promote False History Narratives to Unite People? The first house of students believes that it is justifiable in times of need, using the argument that this might be the driving force for the entire environment towards common good. Basing their stance with the first article of Guatemalan Constitution, that states:

The Guatemalan State organizes itself to protect the person and the family and it’s supreme goal and end is to achieve and develop common good."

Based on that, the house agrees that it is important to work towards common good, so if the state decides that it needs to use false beliefs to keep community among its people, it should be used as a tool of hope and organization.

On the other hand, the second house exposes their disagreement, and decides to quote 60th article of the Guatemalan Constitution that reads:

The paleontological, archeological, historical, and artistic assets and values of the country form part of the cultural heritage of the nation and are under the protection of the State. Their transfer expert or alteration, except in the cases determined by the law, is prohibited".

The second house, expresses their concern on the state's image, the violation of the 60th article and the poor leadership it would represent if it used false statements affecting the credibility of the Government and the build up of a lying culture that will affect the identity of a nation.

We invite you to follow the Insterschool Debate Tournament to listen all the interesting ideas and comments of young Guatemalan students.


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