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Initial credits 
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Introduction by Ken McCarthy
Reduction of economic transactions 
Quotes  The Secret of Selling Anything, Harry Browne (2008)
The utility of the book and the cost of knowledge
02:29    |    
Importance of selling
Opinion of Peter F. Drucker on business and the creation of customers 
Ability of creating customers as the central function of business 
Different aspects of selling 
05:41    |    
Harry Browne: His life and work
Relevance of Harry Browne in entrepreneurship
Quotes  How can you profit from the coming devaluation(1970)
Quotes  How I found freedom in an unfree world (1973)
Quotes You can profit from a monetary crisis (1974)
Libertarian party presidential candidate
Origins of Harry Browne's book The Secret of Selling Anything
Gary Bencivenga
12:49    |    
Philosophy of liberalism
What does it mean to be a libertarian? 
Real free-market terminology 
Coercion as a central ethical value to the libertarian creed 
Unethical procedures of selling 
Is there a libertarian way to sell? 
What are the necessary qualities a successful salesperson needs? 
Effects of not being an ideal salesperson
24:38    |    
Breakdown of selling paradigms
Confidence and enthusiasm as impediments for a salesperson
Definition and frame of mind of a buyer
What are the emotions and inner reactions of a buyer? 
Have you ever been slightly dishonest with a salesperson? 
Abuse and mistreatment of buyers by salespersons 
28:12    |    
Solutions for being a better salesperson
Outlook of the process of sales 
Change of paradigm on the conflict of buyer and seller 
Two ways of acting and operating on sales
Point of interchange between buyer and seller: The prospect's success 
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Aproach of Harry Browne for selling anything
Importance of a transaction for the prospect 
Change of focus in selling, from persuation to mutual discovery in honesty 
Central principle regarding motivation 
35:37    |    
Steps for selling, according to Harry Browne 
Step 1: Discover the prospect's motivation 
Step 2: Summarize the motivation 
Step 3: Present your product
Step 4: Answer questions
Step 5: Close the sale 
Hybrid seller: representing the costumer and the company 
Discovering what works for the prospect and the spirit of cooperation 
Quotes The Secret of Selling Anything,Harry Browne (2008)
Selling honesty, trust and respect 
Needs of a salesperson 
54:04    |    
Practical exercises 
Job Interview: "There are no jobs" 
Follow-up of the 5 rules for selling anything in a job interview
Manufacturer's warranty 
Honesty, truth, and fixing problems as tools for selling 
01:11:46    |    
Ken McCarthy's experience in selling
Military-like training method
Natural interest in teaching and helping people as an experience in selling 
Internet business in multi-media: experience in advertising 
Creation of the first conference of the worldwide web for a potential business venture
Need of motivation and enthusiasm in natural selling 
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Honesty as a salesperson
01:27:32    |    
Accomplishment of his initial promise
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Final words
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Question and answer period 
Everyone wants to be understood
In understanding people, opportunities arrive to increase the value of the product 
Importance of the long-term relationship with the client
How can you explain the methods of Harry Browne to others? 
Quotes Scientific Advertising, Claude C. Hopkins (1923) 
Quote,  My Life in Advertising, Claude C. Hopkins (1925)  
Cost of changing perspectives 
What would be the advice if we have limited time for following Browne's approach? 
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Final credits




A Libertarian Approach to Selling: Comments on the Book “The Secret of Selling Anything”

18 de abril de 2013   | Vistas: 11 |  

Ken McCarthy talks about his experiences in the art of selling and mentions several elements of liberalism that may be as well applied to sales. He makes reference to the book The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne and elaborates on a five-step methodology thoroughly lined out in the work that provides the knowledge to manage and master the ability to sell all kinds of goods and services, including applying for job opportunities.

He sets a practical exercise to illustrate how the contents of the book could apply to different scenarios and successfully and truthfully obtain the desired objective. McCarthy shares where and how he got involved in selling, and how his career in advertising and on the web began. Finally, he advises students to "relax and tell the truth," encouraging honesty to fulfill their work as sellers and that way benefit all parties involved.

Ken McCarthy is one of the original pioneers of the movement to commercialize the Internet. He sponsored the first conference…


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