A View from Silicon Valley

02 de junio de 2015   | Vistas: 9 |  

What motivates entrepreneurs? Who exactly are they? These are the questions that Arthur Chait, a renown investor answers during his conference, explaining along the way the difference between angel, venture capitalist and corporate investors and how they will influence the growth, strategy and even product of a new firm or venture. He points out the difference between business models and how to use them correctly in this ever-changing world when there are thousands upon thousands of corporations that are struggling to increase their hold upon the market and their commodities. Arthur expounds the interests that all entrepreneurs share and how to create business models out of abstract ideas. He delves into the complex mechanics of innovation, going beyond the simple innovative product and states that it is a philosophy, a mindset. With his points expanded, Arthur urges students to find their own ideas and work them until completion and excellence.





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