• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • 00:50    |    
    Everyone has different goals
  • 02:26    |    
    What is an entrepreneur?
  • 05:13    |    
    What motivates people?
    • Prime motivator to become an entrepreneur
    • Failure seen as good or bad
  • 11:35    |    
    Types of entrepreneurship
    • Small Enterprise
    • Innovation-Driven Enterprise
  • 13:11    |    
    What are investors looking for?
    • Management team as number one require
    • Progress and traction
    • Market size
    • Secret sauce
    • Clear ideas to make money
    • How to get costumers?
    • Understanding your competition
    • How to get ROI?
  • 22:11    |    
    Differences between VCs and Angels
    • What is an angel investment?
    • What do venture capital want?
    • Angels want to give back
    • Building to be acquire
    • Risks of venture capital
    • Success rate for Venture Capitalists
    • The super stars of success
    • Other companies that have succeeded
    • There is money out there
    • Angel or Venture Capitalist investors?
    • Funds for all categories
  • 38:19    |    
    Corporate ventures
    • Google cardboard
    • Invest in strategic deals
  • 42:35    |    
    Business planing
    • Ideas of Steve Blank, Arthur Chait´s opinion
    • Business pitch
    • Business model or business plan?
    • What is a business model?
    • Business model canvas
    • Business pitch covering business model
    • Summary: business plan and model
  • 53:30    |    
    Running a startup compared to running a small part of a big company
    • What are the risks?
    • What is the pace like?
    • Responsibility, independence and resources
    • Training people
    • What is going on with the company?
    • Politics
    • Perks of companies
    • How much money can you make?
    • A chance to change the world
  • 01:04:12    |    
    What famous company stared here?
    • Hewlett-Packard
    • Apple
  • 01:07:06    |    
    Why Silicon Valley?
    • Silicon chips
    • What is silicon?
    • Large and small companies from the valley
  • 01:13:21    |    
    Why study entrepreneurship?
    • Finding you business idea
    • Developing a new mint
    • A pool of talent
    • Selling trash
    • SHEVA
  • 01:26:08    |    
    What creates new opportunities?
    • New technologies
    • Regulatory change and social turmoil
    • The old system does not work
    • Taste and convenience
    • There is a better way to do it
  • 01:28:22    |    
    Finding your ideas
    • What bugs you?
    • What is in your way?
    • The market leader
  • 01:35:40    |    
    Techniques to create an idea
    • Inside the box: a proven system of creativity for breakthrough results by Jacob Goldenberg
    • Taking away what seems important
    • Putting things together
    • Multiplication
    • Example: A tape recorder
    • Summing-up the first techniques
    • Take it away
    • Attribute dependency
  • 01:42:35    |    
    Forcing yourself to be constrained
  • 01:44:31    |    
    Innovation is not just a new product
    • Contract manufacture
    • UPS, Whole Foods and Ikea
    • Not just a new product or system
  • 01:50:50    |    
    Segment of questions and answers
    • Can you explain about U-PLEX?
    • What happened with U-PLEX?
    • Can you talk about your story with Facebook?
    • What do you do with draper?
    • What is the Antigua forum?
  • 02:08:16    |    
    Final statement
  • 02:08:24    |    
    Final credits

A View from Silicon Valley

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What motivates entrepreneurs? Who exactly are they? These are the questions that Arthur Chait, a renown investor answers during his conference, explaining along the way the difference between angel, venture capitalist and corporate investors and how they will influence the growth, strategy and even product of a new firm or venture. He points out the difference between business models and how to use them correctly in this ever-changing world when there are thousands upon thousands of corporations that are struggling to increase their hold upon the market and their commodities. Arthur expounds the interests that all entrepreneurs share and how to create business models out of abstract ideas. He delves into the complex mechanics of innovation, going beyond the simple innovative product and states that it is a philosophy, a mindset. With his points expanded, Arthur urges students to find their own ideas and work them until completion and excellence.





Entrepreneur, mentor and professor


Nuestra misión es la enseñanza y difusión de los principios éticos, jurídicos y económicos de una sociedad de personas libres y responsables.

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